Old for New Service 

There are following disadvantages in the use of old laser micromachining equipment: 

It is difficult for equipment configuration and functions to meet the needs of innovative medical equipment processing 


Processing performance (precision & efficiency) and stability cannot meet the needs of mass production of medical equipment 


Faced with the double pressure of rapid aging of equipment and high paid after-sales service costs 


It is difficult for original equipment manufacturers to continuously provide high cost-effective after-sales technical support 


It is difficult to balance the equipment operating cost by equipment startup 


Face the risk of completely scrapping of old equipment at any time 


Do you want to make full use of your old laser micromachining equipment? 

Mode 1: Trade-in allowance 

The system evaluates the use status and configuration of the old equipment, and deducts the purchase price of new laser micromachining equipment of Yunco Precision with residual value of equipment to completely remove the worries about the continuous use of old equipment

Mode 2: Transform the old machine for a new one 

Relying on 6 core technologies, Yunco Precision provides old machine transformation system solution by means of repair and partial replacement, and can provide automatic loading and unloading system as well as other customized optional functions. After the transformation, the equipment on-site technical support, personnel training and other after-sales services will be undertaken by Yunco Precision. 

6 core technologies of Yunco Precision support the sustainable development of the old-for-new service model of laser micromachining equipment 

Absorb cross-industry, multi-field, interdisciplinary engineering technology and practical experience, adopt advanced modern system design method, and provide modular key basic components and application technology for micromachining system of precision thin-walled tube laser through repeated comparison, optimization and practice 

Independent research and development of modular key basic components 

Achieve online error measurement and correction processing of precision thin-walled pipes by using independent development of multi-axis system and online measurement system, and significantly improve the processing accuracy and stability of the system 

On-line error measurement and correction machining technology 

Personalized system design ability 

According to the market processing, measurement, assembly, positioning and other needs, provide the customized system services for the market by reasonable use of modular and forward system design methods 


Parametric laser centripetal and normal incidence machining technology 

Realize the parametric control of laser centripetal and normal incidence machining with online measurement technology and follow-up multi-axis motion control technology 

High flexible system process capability

Meet the processing requirements of precision thin-walled pipe small joint-cutting, dry and wet cutting, length as well as special pipes, centripetal\vertical\double-position processing, online measurement and error compensation, automatic feed processing, picking and other diversified system processing process requirements 

Open CNC software platform

Using modular function development technology, and embedded with precision thin-walled pipe laser processing process database and multi-axial motion control unit. Have the characteristics of good system stability, high openness and simple operation, and provide a system solution for the complex and diversified processing process of precision thin-walled pipes 

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