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Introduction of Precision Optoelectronics Technology Application Division

Yunco Precision Optoelectronics Technology Application Division originated from the laser OEM business provided by the company for smart stylus precision tube structural parts in 2015. After laser drilling of notebook computer structural parts in 2016, medical equipment and automotive engine injection in 2017 The development of precision machining such as grease nozzles, laser drilling of notebook shafts in 2018, smart speaker speaker nets in 2019, and precision machining of precision auto parts such as automotive aluminum alloys, stainless steel speaker nets, and precision tube equipment in 2020. The Ministry of Industry and Laser Micromachining Department have developed into the Precision Optoelectronic Technology Application Division. The core technology is mainly laser micromachining and precision CNC machining, supplemented by supporting precision stamping and post-processing technology. There are more than 50 employees, with various There are more than 100 sets of precision processing equipment, supporting measurement and post-processing equipment, and ERP production management system is adopted for precision 3C structural parts and auto parts. Semiconductor integrated circuits, medical devices, etc. provide precision foundry services, technical consultation, and application training system solutions.


The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a high-end manufacturing system and process engineering technology research center for medical devices in Suzhou, a science and technology research and development center in Kunshan, a specialized and new enterprise in Kunshan, and a gazelle cultivation enterprise in Lujia Town. And excellent private enterprises, etc., with ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 and other quality system certification, has hundreds of partners in the industry, is gradually growing into the industry-leading precision medical devices (interventional medical devices, minimally invasive surgical instruments, internal Cobra bone, etc.), electronic equipment (3C structural parts, auto parts, semiconductor integrated circuits, etc.) and other precision foundry services, technical consultation, application training innovation service complex.



Comprehensive Service Capability



Laser Micromachining Process Characteristics

Processing technology type




Laser Cutting & Drilling Process

  1. Any complex opening shape of metal & non-metal materials can be processed

  2. It can realize various process effects such as cutting through & blind engraving & micro-hole & engraving & surface treatment & splicing

  3. High comprehensive machining accuracy (cutting seam width 10~30um, incision parallelism and consistency <±10um, hole depth ratio generally up to 1:10)

  4. High processing efficiency (higher than wire cutting and CNC processing under the same precision requirements), which is convenient for automatic processing

  5. Good processing quality (less slag hanging, thin-walled incision finish below Ra1.6, small heat-affected zone, small workpiece deformation, controllable incision taper, no tread effect

  6. High processing yield, generally not less than 98%

  7. The processing energy consumption and consumables are small, and the proofing is convenient, which is conducive to large-scale production

  8. The processing technology is green and environmentally friendly, and it is an emerging industry encouraged by the state

  1. Fine machining is generally suitable for thin-walled structural parts (T<3mm)

  2. The cut finish is slightly worse than CNC machining

Subtractive processing

Laser welding process

  1. It is easy to connect parts to each other, and the connection strength is high

  2. Suitable for most metallic materials and a few non-metallic materials

  1. Welding between different materials requires process optimization

  2. High reliance on welding tooling

Additive processing

Laser marking process

  1. Any graphics (serial number, QR code, logo, etc.) can be laser engraved on the surface of metal and non-metal workpieces

  2. lower processing cost

  1. Machining depth is generally <0.2mm

Subtractive processing



Chemical Etching vs. Laser Forming Processes


chemical etching

laser forming

instruction manual

Environmental friendly

key control

Strong support from governments at all levels

  1. The etching process involves the disposal of hazardous wastes, the production safety and environmental protection control requirements are extremely high, the development space is gradually narrowed, and the risk of uncertain production shutdown is high

  2. Laser micro-processing technology is a new technology and new technology actively encouraged by the government, and it is more and more favored by the industry.




  1. The etching process is a full-page assembly line operation, which is easy to cause poor batch production (chemical side leakage corrosion, impervious etching, different sizes, large errors in each batch of products, poor quality control for thicknesses exceeding 0.3mm, difficult to adapt to aluminum, titanium and other alloy materials), and the defects are difficult to deal with in time

  2. Laser micromachining has diversified processing materials, unlimited processing thickness, high precision and efficiency, high yield, and strong processing adaptability




  1. The etching process is the directional corrosion of the templated potion. During the proofing process, it is necessary to match the relevant fixture and auxiliary materials. The debugging time is long and the efficiency is not high.

  2. Laser forming process, the test cutting can be started by importing the CAD drawing into the equipment, the proofing can be changed arbitrarily, the drawing is not limited, and the efficiency is very high

mass production/high

mass production/medium




  1. Precision Optoelectronics Technology Application Division now has hundreds of laser micro-processing equipment of various types, supporting various types of auxiliary equipment such as testing, post-processing, warehousing, machining, and dust removal systems. Processing OEM service demand


keep increasing

step down

  1. The etching process is subject to many factors such as yield & environmental protection & government control, the cost is getting higher and higher, and it is difficult to develop continuously and stably

  2. Relying on the company's laser micromachining system R&D team, the Precision Optoelectronics Technology Application Division can continuously develop new manufacturing processes for diversified market demands, and use an intelligent production management system to continuously provide quality and efficiency assurance


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