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Laser processing center for endoscopic bending section (four-axis)
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Laser processing center for endoscopic bending section (four-axis)

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Scope of application

Medical endoscopes, industrial endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, snake bone laser micromachining


High finishing

  • Cutting seam width: 15~30um
  • High machining accuracy: ≤±10um
  • Good cut quality: no burrs & smooth cut
  • High processing efficiency: one-time cutting through one side of the pipe wall, continuous automatic feeding processing


Technical certification

  • THIS  
  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485
Max operating speed
300mm/s (X); 50mm/s (Y); 50mm/s (Z); 600rpm(θ)
Positioning accuracy
±3um (X); ±3um (Y); ±3um (Z); ±15arcsec (θ)
Repeat positioning accuracy
±1um (X); ±1um (Y); ±1um (Z); ±3arcsec (θ)
Cutting seam width
Rib width consistency
Processing material
Tube blank length
Machining wall thickness
Processing pipe diameter
Single processing range
Laser type
Fiber-optic laser
Laser wavelength
Laser power
100W&200W&250W&300W&500W optional
Power supply
220V±10%, 50Hz; AC 20A (main circuit breaker)
Compatible file formats
Device dimensions
Equipment weight
Clamping pipe diameter
Material wall thickness
Plane processing range
Marking line width
Pipe processing range
Φ0.3~Φ7.5&Φ1.0~Φ16.0±0.02 mm
Processing range
0~300mm (longer products will be processed by segmented splicing)
Modulation frequency range
Engraving line speed
Min character height
Engraving depth
Welding spot
Single pulse max energy
Laser welding frequency
Laser welding depth
Pulse width
Remaining material length
Repeated pressing accuracy
Pressed product length
Press material wall thickness
Tailing length
Laser frequency
Power stability
Tube clamping range
Equipment stroke
Format splicing accuracy
Processing depth
Max processing range

Maximum operating speed

300mm/s (X); 50mm/s (Y); 50mm/s (Z); 600rpm(θ);

Positioning accuracy

±3um (X); ±3um (Y); ±3um (Z); ±15arcsec (θ);


±1um (X); ±1um (Y); ±1um (Z); ±3arcsec (θ);

Cutting seam width


Processing material

304, 316L, Ni-Ti, L605 and other alloys;

Tube blank length

<2.5m (supporting fixture can be customized);

Machining wall thickness

0~1.0±0.02 mm;

Pipe processing range

Φ0.3~Φ7.5&Φ1.0~Φ16.0±0.02 mm;

Plane processing range


Processing range

0~300mm (longer products will be processed by segmented splicing);

Remaining material length


Laser type

Fiber-optic laser 

Laser wavelength


Laser power

100W&200W&250W&300W&500W optional;

Power supply

220V±10%, 50Hz; AC 20A (main circuit breaker);

Compatible file formats


Device dimensions


Equipment weight



Strong adaptability

  • Possess the ability of fine processing technology such as laser dry cutting & wet cutting & drilling & grooving
  • Support centripetal & vertical & compound opening feature processing of equal diameter tube & reducer tube & flat instrument
  • Can process various alloy materials such as 304&316L&Ni-Ti&L605
  • Compatible with precision thin-walled tube clamping systems such as precision D-type collets & ER series collets & three-jaw chucks
  • Combined Precision Thin-Walled Tube Bushing Support System Using Adaptive Shape Tolerance Changes
  • Provide supporting solutions such as continuous automatic feeding processing of precision thin-walled tubes & dry and wet cutting, sealing and splicing
  • Equipped with self-developed laser micromachining 2D & 2.5D & 3D CAM software system


Flexible design

  • Follow the ergonomic design concept, exquisite and concise
  • Provides the optional function of machine vision system for real-time online monitoring of laser dynamic processing process
  • Flexible combination of software & hardware functions, support personalized function configuration & intelligent production management
  • Support forward innovative design from component level to system level
  • Open Control & Laser Micromachining Software System Easy Operation & Intuitive Interface


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